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January 14, 2021

You don’t have to have tons of cash to customize your own clothes. There are plenty of custom clothing tricks that barely cost anything. If you learn them, you can have beautiful, trendy clothing without breaking the bank.

This article will help you start on this journey by teaching you 5 of these tricks. If you’re interested, read on. 

1. Attach Patches or Pins

One of the easiest DIY clothing customization methods is to add a patch or pin. These decorations can cost as little as a few dollars. You can even get custom ones made.  

You attach pins to clothing by unhooking the back or taking off the back piece. Then, you poke the revealed sharp ends through the fabric. After this, you will reattach the back piece or rehook it and you’re done.

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Patches can get a bit more difficult. Many of them have an easy iron-on patch attachment method. Others require you to sew. 

2. Tie-Dye 

Tie-dying can make an old, drab T-shirt look beautiful. You can find some great ideas online to make a pattern that you’ll love. Then, all you’ll need is a few cheap supplies before you begin.

Tie-dying also makes a fun group activity. Consider getting your family or friend group involved. You will all love seeing how your shirts turn out. 

3. Cut Them Up 

Snipping off a piece or pieces of old clothing can make them new again. Longer dresses can become cuter, shorter ones. Shirts can turn into vests or tank tops.

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In addition, consider cutting clothing apart and tying them back together. Doing so can give your style a hip, edgy look.

However, there are some considerations that you should keep in mind. The first is to be sure to measure your clothing carefully before you cut it. If you don’t do so, you may make your clothing too short.

The second is that cut edges will fray. Unless you want this look, consider sewing them to prevent this from happening. 

4. Use Fabric Pens 

With fabric pens, you can draw on your clothes. These markings will then stay on your clothes even after several washes. 

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Therefore, you can add any picture you want to your clothes. Consider adding a favorite character or animal. A funny phrase or slogan is also an excellent idea. 

If you’re not a great artist, don’t worry. There are plenty of abstract patterns that look great and are easy to create.

5. Add a Collar 

Another clothing inspiration idea is to add a collar. This can make an older-looking dress or top look modern and chic. 

You can use any fabric you want for this. However, it’s best to consider what matches the top’s color or pattern best. 

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A final tip is to use clothes you wouldn’t mind losing. You will probably make some mistakes when you first customize your own clothes. When you do, it feels better to toss clothes you don’t care about than ones you do.

Keep trying, though. With enough practice, you’ll soon make great clothes. 

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