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April 2, 2022

Do you also play blackjack?

If yes, you would agree that it is undoubtedly the best gambling game as it stimulates the brain and helps you make a lot of money. Unlike other games, such as roulette and slots with a house edge of 5.26% and 10% respectively, blackjack has a house edge below 1%. It is one of the most popular casino gambling games worldwide, increasingly receiving dedication from gamers.

However, there are some interesting points to know about this game which would certainly take you by surprise. So, if you thought you understand blackjack well, please look at the following facts.

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1. One of the Oldest Gambling Games

It would surprise you that blackjack is one of the oldest gambling games. It was first played in the 1700s in a French casino as Vingt-et-Un, which means Twenty-one. Although it was played in the 1700s, we can find its earliest mention in a Spanish author, Miguel de Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote, which was published in 1605. Surprising, right?

However, a few years before publishing the novel that set the standard for European literature, he penned a short story titled Rinconete y Cortadillo, telling the story of two gamblers who loved playing ventiuna, a card game close to blackjack.

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2. Napoleon Was a Big Fan of the Game


Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military officer who rose to prominence during the Revolution, leading several successful campaigns during the war. Although the notable personality received appreciation for concentrating firepower and using mobile reserve batteries, it would surprise you to learn that he was a big fan of these games for years.

Yes, the French emperor was a lover of Vingt-et-Un (21), which we know by blackjack today. Even during the 18th century, people regularly played games to relax and celebrate after a battle. According to the gossip, everyone loved playing blackjack so much that Napoleon had to forbid it among his soldiers to remove distractions!

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3. Its Best Trick was Published in Paper

You would never hear a journal disclose the best method for winning a game. But it happened with blackjack!

In 1953, four soldiers of the US army, who majored in maths with a master’s degree, sat down to play poker. Since all of them were equipped with strong mathematical skills, getting a degree from distinguished institutions, they found the most plausible and optimal strategy for winning the game.

In 1955, two years following the game, they released their findings in the Journal of American Statistical Association with the title The Optimal Strategy in Blackjack.

4. Eleanor Dumont Was the First Expert


Although now we know some renowned blackjack participants and traders, Eleanor Dumont of the Gold Rush was an early skilled player. Born as Simone Jules in France or the Mississippi Delta, she learned the cords of card matches by herself. With some money and her entrepreneurial skills, she started a gaming parlor, Vingt-et-Un, to trade cards of the game.

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Even today, the level of devotion and expertise of Eleanor toward the trade is unmatched. Within a short span, her parlor attracted a lot of curiosity as it followed some ethical practices and encouraged genuine games.

5. Blackjack’s House Edge is Far Below 1%

The RTP paces range from 92 to 99% in most casino games. But in blackjack, the rate of return is extraordinarily high, all gratitudes to its narrow house edge. If you don’t already know what house edge is, let us help you out. A house edge is an average amount you can expect to lose on every bet on an average.

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Blackjack and a majority of its variations have a house edge below 1%! Casino777 has the best casino games on the internet right now!

6. The Longest Game Lasted Over 50 Hrs


We cannot hold up a match for two hours straight, and here comes a guy who negotiated for 51 hours and 33 minutes!

However astonishing it may sound, it is a real account. Stephen De Raffaele, a trader in Malta, has set the Guinness World Records of dealing in the card match for the longest time. The story dates back to 2000 when Guinness World Records had not presented a feat in blackjack earlier. So, it took a great stretch of convincing, ploys, and plan to set the scene.

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Luckily for him, from 24 to 27 August 2001, he was given a golden opportunity. And, you already know what happened after that. The expert trader survived over 50 hours of trading at the Oracle Casino in Qawra, Malta, taking only 15 minutes of break after every 8 hours, according to the guidelines.

7. It is Challenging to Accomplish Streaks

Maintaining a winning and losing streak is common in the wagering world. But, in blackjack, the situation is quite different. Despite widespread beliefs, it is tough to maintain a statistically sound streak in this match.

Suppose there are three events, you have a 50% possibility of failing, 42% of succeeding, and 8% of pushing. So, achieving continuous streaks becomes a challenging task, not to point out that the numerical result of an event may mock some of your tricks. So, if you believe you can have seven points in a row, don’t hold your breath!

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8. There Exists a Blackjack Hall of Glory


With such a vast heritage and worldwide popularity since the 16th century, it would not surprise you that the game has its own Hall of Fame for loyal fanatics, wagerers, writers, and even experts. All the blackjack fans can discover the place inside the Barona Resort and Casino in San Diego in Southern California.

However, it is essential to note that the Hall of Glory draftees enjoy a lifetime of lodging with free food and drinks, but they cannot play at the casino tables.

Final Words

Blackjack is an engaging game with an account of over 60 years. So, if your colleagues don’t know about this game, now you know sufficient facts to shock them and indulge anyone in a conversation with you.

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