June 3, 2020

Die casting is an integral process of the metal industry. It lets you mould metals in varying shapes. This, in turn, increases the applications and usage of metals in many sectors. For these reasons, die casting has evolved as an important process. Essentially, there are two types of die casting – hot metal casting and cold casting. Each of the two processes has its perks. Yet, hot chamber die casting is a preferred option.

What is hot die casting?

Some folks favor cold chamber die casting. However, a majority of experts advocate for the hot process. In hot casting, the process forces the molten metal through high pressure into the mould cavity. Two hardened tool dies are used for creating the cavity. The process mimics the style of plastic injection molding where hot plastic passes through the injected mould and sets in the die. When cooled, the hot metal takes the shape of the die.

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Benefits of hot casting

There are many perks of hot chamber die casting. Let’s check the most important ones.

Faster production

The modern world thrives on speed. The faster your production cycle, the better your business will be. Put simply, speedy production lets you complete your orders on time without any delays. Here, hot casting outshines cold casting. You can produce more units through the heat method than the cold technique. When your clients get the consignment completed fast, they turn to you for future orders.

Reduced porosity

Porosity can be a major issue in the metal industry. Usually, metals are tightly bonded. It’s this bond that makes them strong. Porosity can impact the strength of the metal. Cold casting leads to an increase in porosity. So, the resultant product will lose some strength. Hot chamber die casting, on the other hand, leaves little room for porosity. So, the likelihood of reduced strength gets minimized to a great extent.

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Reduced cost

As mentioned earlier, hot casting results in higher production. The higher the production, the lower the cost will be. The modern world is extremely competitive. You ought to cut costs at all levels. Hot casting lets you accomplish your goals. The process produces more units, leading to economies of large scale. In the end, your profitability gets elevated, which reflects in your balance sheet.

Chamber Die Casting

Chamber Die Casting

Minimal wastage

No matter how careful you’re, you may incur a waste loss in some form. However, too much waste adds to the cost of production. That can impact your profitability and survival in the long run. Hot chamber casting generates minimum waste compared to cold casting. Low wastage leads to more usage of materials and quality production.

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Bottom line

The above points highlight the advantages of hot chamber die casting. Faster production, minimal wastage, reduced cost, and better efficiency are the perks of hot casting. This is why modern businesses prefer the heat process over the cold technique. If you’re serious about scaling your venture in a competitive environment, turn to a reputed hot chamber casting provider and see the difference.

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