April 10, 2020

The demand for cloud computing services continues to rise and is becoming an integral part of businesses and their growth. Amazon Web Services is a platform that provides secure cloud services like content delivery, database storage, compute power, and other functions to help businesses scale up. AWS provides services like Amazon Simple Storage, Amazon Elastic Book Store, Amazon Lightsail, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, AWS Direct Connect, AWS Mobile Hub, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Ai, Alexa Voice Services, Amazon WorkDocs, etc.

AWS training provides IT professionals certification in cloud expertise. There are different certifications and exams for professionals with various educational backgrounds like cloud engineers, architects, and administrators. The certificate is valid for two years, and upon expiration, it can be renewed or apply for recertification. AWS offers six different types of certificates that can be grouped as follows:

  1. Cloud Practitioner Path- This certification helps one build an overall understanding of the cloud services and is ideal for individuals in financial, technical, managerial, or sales and purchase roles.
  2. Architect Path- This path is ideal for solutions architects and engineers who want to understand and learn how to design applications on AWS. It has two certification levels: Associate and Professional. Associate certification is for professionals who have prior hands-on experience designing and dealing with highly fault-tolerant AWS systems. The students must know how to design, distribute and manage applications in combination with AWS tools. Professional certification is a certificate level higher than the associate level. To be eligible for the professional certificate, it is mandatory that the student has cleared the associate level exam and certification and has two years or more of experience. They should know about complex AWS applications and how to move and design them.
  3. Developer Path- This certification is for candidates who are interested in developing cloud applications on AWS. This is also divided into two subpaths: associate and professional. To be eligible for associate certification, the candidate must know about maintaining, designing, and developing AWS applications and their architecture. The candidates are also required to have one year or more of experience. The candidates should have completed the associate level developer path certification for the professional level and have at least two years of experience.
  4. Operations Path- This path is suitable for system administrators who want to learn how to build an automatable and repeatable mapping of applications, systems, and networks on the AWS network. This is also sub-divided into associate and professional certifications. Known as Sysops administrator, the associate certification provides knowledge of deployment and operations-related services and application architecture. The professional certification is known as DevOps Engineer. The student must have completed associate level and have two years or more of experience to be eligible. The AWS training also offers five specialty paths: AWS Certified Big Data, AWS Certified Advanced Networking, AWS Certified Security, AWS Certified Machine Learning, AWS Certified Alexa Skill Building.
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The paths mentioned above have multiple choice objective-type exams. The pattern of exams may differ depending on the path. The students have 80 minutes to complete an associate-level certification exam and 170 minutes to complete the professional and specialty exams. The questions asked in the exam are related to AWS tools, concepts, and services. The interested candidates can practice tests and sample questions on the AWS platform.

An AWS certification helps one gain cloud skills that help grow their business or advance their career. Here are some top benefits of the certification:

  • Help run web and application servers on the cloud and host different websites.
  • Send bulk emails to their customers.
  • Store your files on the cloud securely so they are easily accessible.
  • As more and more organizations and businesses are trying to make their applications and services available on the cloud, the demand for IT professionals specializing in AWS is increasing. Their in-depth knowledge of the AWS systems is a valuable asset for the firm that helps ease its transition to a cloud setup.
  • As we move towards a future with more cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine learning, etc., having an AWS certification is an invaluable asset. Having in-depth knowledge of the cloud has become a necessity for IT professionals.
  • AWS is the leading cloud computing services provider and the fastest growing one in the market as well. This ensures endless growth opportunities for the candidates.
  • AWS is the most widely used cloud service. According to various studies, it has the potential for massive growth in the future, making it a safe bet for IT professionals as a career option and for businesses to scale up.
  • The demand for professionals equipped with cloud computing skills is increasing in the IT sector. One of the main prerequisites for the jobs, according to research, is certification. Experience and, more specifically, AWS training is proven to be highly valuable. Hence, having an AWS certification secures a good job and opportunities in a very lucrative field that values skills and knowledge.
  • An AWS certification gives a detailed overview of the training and exams the candidates have gone through in the training period. When shown to the employer or the professionals in the industry, it proves the credibility of the candidate’s skills.
  • AWS is a highly valued and reputed certification; hence it gets the professionals high compensations.
  • AWS also provides several paths and specialty paths to the candidates to enhance their skills and careers.
  • AWS training provides recognition to the professionals by allowing them to engage in various networking communities, build professional relationships, and expand their opportunities.
  • If more and more employees in the firm are from AWS training, it makes the company also eligible for AWS certification. The company can thus get training and other services and enhance the experience for its customers.
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AWS has become a notable name in the cloud computing services domain. It is on the same level as Azure and Google Cloud. In conclusion, if one chooses to follow this career path, an AWS certification is the best way to create great career opportunities and ensure continuous learning.

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