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January 26, 2020

Just like in law, medicine is a trendy concept when it comes to exciting series. Desperate doctors who want to save patients’ lives in the overcrowded hospital or medical students who only realize after their studies how challenging the hospital’s daily routine is – the concepts seem to repeat themselves every time, but they are always successful. We have selected three medicine series for you, which you can watch relaxed when the next procrastination phase approaches!

Grey’s Anatomy

Probably the longest series chocolate in the world. No, kidding aside – it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Grey’s Anatomy also celebrates its 100th season, as there is no end in sight to this series. And yet Meredith Gray and her colleagues (or at least what’s left of it) are still very popular because without high ratings; the series would probably have long been discontinued.

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The TV series is coupled with a bit of relationship drama, and it’s a real hit. It won several prizes, including Emmys and Golden Globes, but can also boast two spin-off series. Anyone looking for a longer-term distraction is with Grey’s Anatomy, and their current 14 squadrons are well served.

Emergency Room

Emergency Room is probably the forerunner of Grey’s Anatomy and one of the world’s most famous medical series. The series has received many awards, including 23 Emmys. Its revolutionary narrative style is considered one of the most important series of its time. Because Emergency Room does not shy away from dealing with socially critical issues, it is still one of the most extended television series. It is considered a pioneer of all hospital series to date.

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The series also often addresses the actual conditions that prevail in the hospital. Thus, on the one hand, doctors complain they feel understaffed and, on the other, patients complain about not being treated quickly enough. Also, it addresses study financing, as many doctors working there have borrowed during their studies. The American health system, in particular, is constantly attacked and questioned.

It was ER often for its realistic portrayal praised the doctor lives. Because the characters make mistakes in the operating room, despair of the work pressure, and often feel overwhelmed, a picture still exists today and about which many medical students do not know enough. Anyone who feels addressed by the series is welcome to give it a chance!

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How funny and yet dramatic at the same time? It works because the American sitcom Scrubs showed us how to do it. The series achieved high popularity because it combined comical and dramatic elements, which other doctor series did not feature before. The series has a decent number of episodes with nine series and garnered many significant awards and nominations.

Scrubs revolves primarily around the somewhat chaotic and dreamy John Michael Dorian JD, who has just finished medical school with his best friend Turk and is starting a position as an assistant doctor at the Sacred Heart. He makes the caretaker an enemy, and his superior, Dr. Cox, makes life difficult for him in the hospital. The remarkable thing about the series is the narrative, as it is told almost exclusively from JD’s point of view, except for a few episodes in which the other characters also have their say. So the viewer is immersed mainly in JD’s thoughts, which makes the funny aspect of the series since JD is a real daydreamer, which is why he is often labeled an idiot by the other characters.

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Also, Scrubs is not just about a medical profession at the hospital. John Dorian works as an internist, Turk in surgery, Elliot—JD’s on and off girlfriend decides between a private or public clinic nurse. The series didn’t view through rose-tinted glasses: it points several times that there are problems with understaffing, inadequate pay, competition, and a lack of free time. Lousy treatment and lack of respect for nurses are also often depicted.

If you like funny series that also address serious topics, you should give Scrubs a chance. Not least, because the bromance between Turk and JD dwarfs all other relationships in the series; also from Dr. Cox and the chief physician Dr. Kelso has a few sarcastic remarks that make anyone cry.

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