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January 14, 2021

Holidays are the time when you can relax with your family and friends, and enjoy an amazing time together. Whether you are using a public or private means of transportation, these pet travel tips should help you on your next trip.

1. Traveling with your pet by road

Traveling by road with your pet offers an exciting experience. However, just like any other road trip, you should be prepared for what is ahead of you. For pets, you may try first to get them accustomed to pet crates. You can also put your pets inside bags for walking and make them used to it before you go for a holiday. If you manage to get them used to it, your adventure with your family will be an enjoyable one.

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Make sure that the pet is placed in the back seat. This is important because it will enable you to concentrate on your journey, while also ensuring that any unforeseen injury is avoided. While at the back seat, you can strap the dog to the seat so that there will be no movement while driving.

Moreover, you should plan out water, food, and bathroom breaks for your dog. This is something that human beings need, and it’s also good that you be considerate enough and let your dog enjoy this. Ensure that after a few hours of driving, you stop and take care of the needs of your pet.

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When you get outside the car, you shouldn’t leave your pet inside. When it’s very hot outside, this is a precautionary measure that you should take because heat is more often a serious hazard for dogs.

If traveling with a dog, ensure that it sticks its head inside the vehicle. Excessive exposure to cold air at high speed may make your dog sick. Also, you should avoid products or substances which have the effect of reducing your dog’s heart rate or pressure.

2. Traveling with your pet by air

Air travel is complicated and can pose risk for animals with certain health conditions. Because of pressure changes, pets such as dogs may experience heat stroke and breathing challenges, and this is something of huge concern. The following tips should help when you are traveling by air.

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Plan to provide your pet with food and water during layovers. Also, make sure that the pet’s needs are well taken care of before you start your journey.

Arrange with the airline and ask if you can be allowed to be in the cabin with your pet. There are a few airlines that allow this while others don’t. Some airlines will help you plan for your trip and ensure that you travel safely with your pet. However, they may advise that you buy a specific kind of carrier for use with your pet. If this is the case, buy it in advance and ensure that your pet gets used to it.

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