April 4, 2021

Is it okay to pay a lot of attention to your financial situation? Why don’t our parents’ attitudes work anymore? Here’s how to stop panicking about money and why it affects not only your consumption, but your way of thinking in general.

Do You Need to Pay Much Attention to Your Financial Well-being?

Financial well-being is important to take care of just as much as mental, physical and spiritual well-being. When we have predictable income, savings, and investments, worrying about tomorrow naturally decreases. Our mind tells us that we are okay, we can keep on living instead of saving. If you have a stable income and basic needs are met, but you constantly worry about running out of money, comparing yourself to others or catastrophizing your future, and even placing the smallest bet at the Bet22 casino makes you nervous, it’s worth talking to a specialist.

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For example, there are some people who panic at the sight of a declining account balance. They start to think they are running out of money, which means they need to limit themselves. Or they become fidgety and act chaotically: for example, they set unreasonable discounts for their services, offer not the most favorable conditions for themselves, just to influence the situation and feel better. Sometimes this leads to the fact that the balance on the account begins to grow. But you can look at it in a different way. The movement in the accounts should be constant: states of ebb and flow are natural, and we don’t necessarily have to feel bad when the balance decreases.

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Many are convinced that anxiety helps us not to sit still and move forward. But there is another motivation besides the inevitable deterioration, and that is to try to continually and consistently improve our lives, which is what most affluent people do. To live for tomorrow, to constantly invest in yourself: in health, expertise, education. This is what financial well-being is all about.

Why We Care About Money

Money is associated with a vital resource: the more of it, the better the chances of survival and status. But more often than not, it’s not the money itself that worries us, but thinking about it. When we think that we do not have enough money, most often we blame ourselves. If others can earn a lot, be in demand, and be successful, then there is something wrong with us. We lack intelligence, willpower, education, or lack of luck.

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But the problem isn’t that we are not lucky enough. Most often the problem comes from the fact that we do not follow our interests and do things that are not in our hearts. But we get money from people who are willing to pay for something that will improve their life or solve a serious problem. So it’s important to find something we want to do indefinitely, without feeling bored or tired, and to excel at it. This does not mean that we have to choose one thing for life. We live in a world in which people will soon be changing careers every three to five years, both to something similar to what they used to do, and to something radically different.

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However, the biggest obstacles in the way are our own beliefs. “I’ve tried changing careers, but after a couple of years I burned out and became disillusioned. What if it’s the same with the new business? I’m going to lose time, money, and energy.” And all we can do with such thoughts is worry about the future and doubt ourselves. As well as being afraid of facing disappointment and criticism from loved ones.

But what if these thoughts didn’t exist? Or would they have been different, such as: “If I do what I am interested in today, I will quickly figure out how best to do it, I will apply my experience and knowledge, what has helped me before, and it will most likely lead me to success.” That sounds more pleasant.

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