April 11, 2021

Adding a watermark to our document can be additional work, but it is indeed essential to secure the information and content in it. A watermark will help inform the file viewers who the file owner is, as well as protect the document from unwanted issues like misusage and information leaking. 

There is a variety of software and websites that can help you add your watermark but of course, why go through all of them when you can have the best place and option that gives fast and quality services. With PDFBear, adding a watermark is no trouble or hassle. PDFBear is a website that accommodates almost anything PDF-related with its tools and services. They offer file organization, file viewing, and editing, file optimization, e-signing, conversion, security, watermark stamping, PDF decrypting, etc. Get the best PDF experience with PDFBear. In just three easy steps, you will have your PDF document watermarked in no time!

  1. Upload A PDF File to the Server
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Upon landing on PDFBear’s website, you will see a ton of PDF tools for various PDF-related services. To add watermark to PDF online, scroll through, and choose the “Add Watermark” tool. From there, you will be directed to the tool’s page, where all the PDF stamping work will take place.

In the Add Watermark tool page, there is a workspace where we will do the uploading, converting, customizing, and processing. The first step is to upload a PDF file to the server. Upload the file by clicking the “Select A File” button. Your device’s file library will pop out for you to locate and select the PDF file you wish to upload. Once you have selected the file, click “Open.” Your PDF file will be loaded and processed afterward by the site’s server.

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For desktop or laptop users, you can simply select and drag the file from its file location to the workspace using your mouse, then drop it in the workspace area. Note that you can only upload and add a watermark to your PDF one at a time. 

After uploading your file, the site will process your PDF, and you will be immediately sent to the next section of the tool page, where you can add the watermark.

  1. Add Watermark to Your PDF File

In this step and section, you will be provided with a handful of tools to help you add a watermark to your PDF document. On the upper right corner of the workspace is a text bar for you to enter the word or text you wish to use as your watermark. Below is a positioning tool to assist you in placing your watermark on the desired area of the PDF page/s.

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And in the bottom part of the section, you will see a preview of your PDF document with the text watermark you customized. There, you can browse each page of your PDF and zoom in and out of the page as well. An Options tab is also available at the top left corner of the workspace, where there are other settings to help you adjust the view, select the pages, and print the file directly through PDFBear.

For users with a membership plan, there is a pro feature where you can also upload an image that you can use as your watermark. You can even customize the typography and transparency of your watermark as you need.

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Once you have customized and are satisfied with the watermark you added, you can proceed by clicking the Add Watermark button. And the conversion and watermarking process will start, and the stamping will be applied according to the modifications made in this step. The process would take a few seconds to a minute, mainly depending on the size of your document and the speed of your internet connection. Nonetheless, with PDFBear’s fast service, your PDF will be ready and watermarked in no time! So sit back and relax!

  1. Download the PDF File to Your Device

At this point, your PDF file now has the watermark you want! You will be sent to the last section of the tool page, where you can now download and share your PDF. To save your watermarked PDF file to your device, click the Download button. Your internet browser will directly save your file to the Downloads folder of your device. 

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PDFBear also has great file-sharing services. There is a generated shareable link that you can copy and send to your recipients for them to have access to download and save the file to their respective devices as well. To copy the link, simply click the Copy Link button right beside the Download button. Next to that is the e-mail button where you can share and send the link of the file directly via e-mail through the PDFBear website. You will only have to enter your e-mail address, as well as the e-mail address/es of your recipient/s.

The link is available for the coming 14 days. After that, it will become invalid, and the file will be removed from their servers. The initial file name of the PDF file will be retained even after the watermark is added by the site. But if you wish to rename the file before downloading and saving it to your device, a rename option is available but only for users subscribed to PDFBear’s membership plan.

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Adding watermarks to your PDF documents is made easy with PDFBear! And it only took you three quick and easy steps. They work fast while ensuring that the quality of their services and outputs are not compromised. Indeed, PDFBear is a reliable site with the best PDF tools and services. 

You also do not have to worry about uploading your files to their servers because PDFBear is equipped with high-level security and protected with their 256-bit encryption technology. So your file is safe and secured and will be deleted after the process.

For more PDF-related tools, you know where to go! For sure, PDFBear has the service for that!

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