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April 11, 2021

Did you know that almost half of all Americans have tried marijuana at this point? With the demand for cannabis comes a demand for rolling papers.

Are you looking for the best rolling papers brands to enhance your smoking experience? There are a lot of options, but the choices of papers can be a bit overwhelming.

The following guide will help choose the best papers based on material, size, and other factors. Read on and discover which custom rolling papers are a perfect fit for you.

Material of Rolling Papers

First, decide on the type of rolling paper you prefer. Many smokers prefer to use hemp paper because it’s thicker. Its thickness makes it easier to roll and pack in large amounts of cannabis. They’re also organic and flavorless.

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However, hemp papers only have a medium burn time. Clear rolling papers derived from rice burn much slower. They also burn more evenly and prevent canoeing. But they do tend to tear easily and require more skill to roll.

Papers made from wood pulp burn the fastest, but they have a unique flavor that some smokers prefer. They stay lit and they’re simple to roll if you don’t mind their quick burn time.

There are flavored rolling papers if you prefer a tasty smoking experience. Most tend to imitate fruits or sweet foods like brown sugar. You can even find rum and tequila flavors if you’re feeling adventurous!

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What to Avoid

It’s important to stay away from bleached papers that contain harmful chemicals. Examples of common toxic chemicals include calcium carbonate and chlorine.

Rolling paper products that are white and thick are usually a sign that they contain unwanted chemicals. Always check the ingredients and reference online reviews before trying a new paper to ensure it’s safe.

Sizing Your Papers

First, determine how big you want your joints to be and how much weed you want to use. Consider how many people you’ll be sharing with or if you’re just rolling for yourself.

Rolling paper sizes typically include single wide, double wide, king, and king slim options. Bigger papers require more cannabis to fill the joint perfectly.

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Single wide sizes range from 68mm-78mm long and 34mm-62mm wide. Double wide papers range from 76mm-78mm long and 63-88mm wide.

Kings are 100mm-110mm long and 55-60mm wide. King slims are 105mm-110mm long and 42mm-46mm wide.

As mentioned earlier, thickness determines smoke time. Thinner papers let more air pass through and create a slower burn. Thin papers usually go out quickly when left unattended, too.

Thick rolling papers smoke much faster because air doesn’t pass through as easily. Although, thicker papers are easier to roll for beginners.

Ready to Choose Rolling Papers?

Now you know how to choose the best rolling papers for your specific needs. Factor in burn time, rolling ease, and flavor. Consider buying multiple rolling paper sizes for different occasions.

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