October 2, 2022

PDF editing software has changed how we interact with PDFs. There are free tools over the internet you can use to edit PDF files and secure them.

While you consider choosing a PDF editor to integrate with office activity, there are primary features that every good tool must possess.

This piece highlights the features and advantages of selecting the best PDF text editors. We’ll also look at the best tools to edit text in PDF files to streamline your search. Let’s dig in.

Features of PDF text editor

Here are the basic features that every PDF text editor must have.

Creating and viewing options

A good PDF text editor allows you to arrange text and media in blank pages and save it for easy sharing. While PDF tools appear as software to help users view or edit PDF text, they also let users create new documents from scratch.

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Creating and saving your document as a PDF allows you to share it easily because it’s a universal document type that people use. With an online tool like Lumin PDF, there’s room for you to make a brand new PDF in minutes.

Editing existing files

Most PDF software provides tools for anyone to write, edit or annotate PDF, change the layout, and insert graphics/media within an existing file.

There’s always more you can do with PDFs, but using a free tool might restrict you to basic editing. Regardless, free editing software lets you catch a glimpse of the editing action you’ll get from premium plans.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Functionality

A good PDF editor can help you eliminate stacks of paper documents in the office by allowing you to create digitized copies of them. It would help if you had software that could read scanned files without errors. Using the OCR tool, the PDF editor scans and converts documents into editable and searchable files.

Even though most PDF editors hide their OCR feature within paid plans, it’s a smart investment to purchase pricing plans so you can go paperless at work.

File collaboration

Thanks to PDFs, organizations and remote teams can get more work done quickly. The best PDF editors allow users to collaborate on a PDF and make changes in the cloud instead of dealing with paperwork.

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When searching for the best PDF tools for business, consider OCR functionality, security features, and integration with enterprise management systems.

Cross-platform use

A reliable PDF editor allows you to get work done on all mobile and desktop devices without interference. This means you should look for editors with a specialized mobile app and its desktop version.

Benefits of an online PDF editor

We now understand how PDF editors can help you edit PDF text free of charge. Let’s also look at some benefits of acquiring a PDF editor for personal or business needs.

Instant editing

In the past, PDF files were uneditable; you had to convert them from one file format to another. But PDF editing software removed the limitation that comes with PDFs by providing editing options for users.

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Online PDF editors allow you to upload, make changes, and retrieve edited documents in minutes. Anyone with internet access can find a PDF file editor online and use it for free.

Enhance PDF security

People become wary of online tools that require you to upload sensitive information online, especially in the form of PDFs. When you start sharing PDFs with others, unauthorized parties can gain access to your confidential data.

Fortunately, PDF tools offer security features that allow you to control how people or web browsers interact with your data. Online PDF tools use SSL encryption to keep your documents safe. You can also use passwords, encryption keys, and digital signatures to secure your PDFs.

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All-in-one PDF tool

Imagine the convenience of viewing, editing, and sharing PDF documents with a single PDF tool. With a tool like Lumin PDF or Adobe Reader, you can convert PDF documents to other formats and vice versa. Whether you have an image or text document you want to convert to PDF, these tools will help you achieve this goal instantly.

5 Best PDF editing tools

We cannot talk about the benefits of PDF editors without showing you the best PDF tools on the market. You’ll enjoy using editing software to manage all personal and professional editing.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a popular PDF reader with a suite of editing tools for personal and enterprise activity. Novice users may find Adobe’s editing suite overwhelming, but it’s perfect for handling organizational documents.

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The Adobe Acrobat Pro opens you up to advanced editing features. It brings documents to life by allowing users to make changes in the cloud that enhances collaboration within teams.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a trusted PDF solution to serve individuals, creatives, and business people. If you need a feature-rich tool within your smartphone or desktop that allows you to get work done, Lumin PDF is your best bet.

What’s unique about Lumin is how easily you can manage documents on the cloud or device storage. You can import files from anywhere, edit text on PDF, and manage access to documents from any system.

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Soda PDF

Soda PDF is an alternative tool for working with PDFs online and offline. This tool can simultaneously serve as a PDF merger, editor, and converter.

After you create an account, you can use the tool for seven days before you need a subscription. When you sign up for a paid version, you can access a broad suite of editing features without hassle.


Foxit PDF allows users to be more productive with handling documents. This PDF text editor can add text, watermarks, and images and build new PDF documents.

Foxit offers advanced features like OCR functionality, eSign, and PDF security to enhance a paperless work culture. It offers a 14-day free trial to experience the tool before settling on a paid plan.

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Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare’s easy-to-use editing elements make it popular among novice PDF users. It’s a powerful solution to guide users into the unlimited features that come with PDF editing.

With this tool, you can create new PDF documents and provide access to only authorized users. The highlights of this tool involve fast file conversion and tighter PDF security. Now, you can edit PDF text online like Word documents without converting it to another file format.


Using the best digital tools for business adds a professional touch to your delivery and helps you save time. Now, with the best tool for editing and securing PDFs, you can focus on other important aspects of life and business. If you’re looking for a recommendation, choose Lumin PDF for its speed, convenience, and cross-platform use.

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