The Ultimate Guide to Installing Metal Panels Over Asphalt Shingles 300x141 - The Ultimate Guide to Installing Metal Panels Over Asphalt Shingles
April 22, 2021

If you’re curious about the possibility of installing a metal roof over an old asphalt shingle roof, you’ve come to the right place. There are many benefits to installing your metal roof over your current roof. We’ll discuss both the benefits and disadvantages of this method as well as the steps of installing a metal roof.

Pros of Installing a Metal Roof

There are both pros and cons to installing a metal roof over old asphalt shingles. Exploring the benefits and disadvantages of metal roofs can help you be when you choose to install a metal roof.

1. Lighter

You don’t want to install a new asphalt roof over an old one because the shingles can be too heavy for a second layer on the roof. In contrast, metal roofing is usually made out of a lightweight tin so it doesn’t add as much weight to the already existing roof.

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2. Cheaper

There’s a few different ways your new metal roof may save you money if you install it over your shingle roof. You don’t have to pay the costs for a contractor to remove your old shingles. You will also save long term with the energy efficiency and the durability of a metal roof.

3. Not As Messy

There is a lot of mess that comes with removing an asphalt roof. Nails and shingles will be covering your yard for several days. Installing a new metal roof over your old asphalt roof will not be as messy or take as long to clean up.

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4. Longevity and Durability

Metal roofs can last 50 years or more. The longevity and durability of a metal roof surpasses the majority of asphalt roofs. Metal roofs have been used for architecture for centuries and some of them have lasted for hundreds of years.

Cons of Installing a Metal Roof

Metal roofing is such a great product that you may want to install your metal roof today. The benefits of metal roofing can help you save money, energy, and have a product that will last. However, it’s important to know some flaws of metal roofing.

1. Use of Professionals

It’s better to have an experienced crew install your metal roof. If installed incorrectly there can be leaks and other issues that cause further damage. Installing the roof yourself may save money if the roof is installed correctly; however, you may save on repair cost or material cost by hiring professionals.

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2. Building Codes

Every state has a different building code to follow. Depending on your state, building codes might require the whole asphalt roof to be taken off before a metal roof can be installed. Check with your local area to see what the building codes are near you.

3. Hail Storm Damage

Hail can damage a car and a metal roof if the hail is large enough. To prevent as much personal liability for hail damage, make sure to get homeowner’s insurance that covers hail storm damage.

How to Install A Metal Roof Over Old Shingles

We recommend following these steps for installing a metal roof.

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1. Repair Any Damage

It’s important to inspect the roof for any leaks, holes, or loose roofing material. Make sure to fix and secure any of these damages. If there isn’t any damage it’s okay to continue with the following steps of installing your roof.

2. Install Drip-edge and Closure Strips

Roofing underlayment is required to protect the metal roofing from the asphalt shingles. This layer acts as a barrier between the asphalt and metal. So none of the particles damage each other.

3. Insulation Layer

Adding a layer between the underlayment and metal roofing adds extra protection for the roof. The middle layer is an E-foil insulation substance that may increase energy and efficiency by reflecting the sun during the summer.

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4. Install Corrugated Metal Panels

Finally you’re ready to install your corrugated metal panels. Corrugated metal pairs well with E-foil insulation and allows air to flow for a venting process to occur.

You can install a metal roof yourself; however, using a professional can help you if anything unexpected occurs. As you start to install your roof keep these pros and cons in mind and you’ll be very satisfied with your new metal roof.

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