February 26, 2020

Every motorcycle owner enjoys long road trips on the two wheeler. However, when you are changing your base and moving to a long distance with all the household, venturing on a bike ride journey might not be an advisable thing to do. Instead, motorcycle shipping with a reliable auto transport company is the best option to choose Motorcycles are heavy vehicles and packing and loading them at the back of the moving truck is the best way experts suggest. You may choose to tow them but if it is a long haul, you might not like to risk the safety of your vehicle as the changes of theft and damage are significant.

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Motorcycle shipping system in the US is strong and probably the best way to ensure that you transport your ride to the new home safely. Whether you want to move the vehicle to the new address for self se or want to sell it to someone, you need to safely transport it first.

A Step-by-step guide for shipping motorcycle in 2021

We aim to make things easier for you and have this step-by-step motorcycle shipping guide made by the experts.

Step 1: find the best hauling trailer option for the transport

There are two options when shipping a motorcycle; open trailer and enclosed trailer. While the safety aspect of an enclosed trailer is higher, using open trailers is a cheaper option. Make sure the trailers are clean or you can use this commercial pressure washer trailer.

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Step 2: Get Motorcycle shipping quotes

The majority of reliable motorcycle shipping companies offer free online freight quotes. You can contact a few of them and get moving quotes. Compare the cost of transport and also the types of services included in the package.

Step 3: Schedule the service

As soon as you have finalized the carrier, it is recommended to discuss the service schedule with them. It usually takes around 5 days for a cross country transport. The experts recommend to keep a three day window for the pickup and delivery and avoid delays.

Step 4: Record the condition of the vehicle

Whether you are shipping a two wheeler or a car for that matter, documenting the condition of the vehicle is a crucial step of the process. With proper documentation, you can check for any damage to the vehicle during the transportation. Take pictures of the motorcycle to record the exact condition.

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Step 5: Prep up the Motorcycle

It is good to keep your ride ready for a ride when you receive the delivery. Hence, you may not want to empty the gas tank or disconnect the battery. However, you need to ensure that all the parts of the bike are secured and there are no personal belongings on the bike.

Step 6: Buy an Insurance

If you are availing the service from a credible shipper, you will get a reliable insurance cover. However, if the insurance does not cover the value of your motorcycle, you would consider buying an additional insurance.

Step 7: Ship the Motorcycle

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You can choose for a pickup or reach t the carrier and drop your motorcycle. It is usually less time taking when you drop the motorcycle on your own. To maximise your profits consider a professional shipping company.

Step 8: Get the delivery

As soon as the motorcycle reaches the destination, you will be informed. Schedule a doorstep delivery or pick up the vehicle from the carrier’s point. Before you sign the receiving, be quick to check the condition of the motorbike. If there is any damage, do not waste time and fie an insurance claim.

What is the cost of shipping a motorcycle?

The cost to ship a motorcycle may vary from carrier to carrier. However, on an average, you can expect to pay a price between $300 and $700 to ship a vehicle over a distance of about 1,000 miles. For a shorter distance, you will be able to get a decent service for between $180 and $300. The cost of shipping a motorcycle depends on several factors including the type of trailer used, distance, and type of motorcycle. Yu can expect to pay an additional price for any additional insurance that you buy, crating services, and the fees associated with the delivery area.

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Always remember that preparation is the most important

Although the safety of your motorcycle during the shipping is widely in the hands of the carrier, it is always possible to play your part in the process. You can take a few measures to ensure that the vehicle is safe during the transit.

To ensure a smooth transportation, you must:

  • Ensure that the vehicle is clean and there is no dirt or debris on the body.
  • All the connections and the parts/ accessories of the vehicle are tighten.
  • There is no personal belonging on the vehicle, like a helmet or any other detachable item.
  • You must take detailed pictures of the motorcycle to compare the condition at the time of delivery.
  • Check the gas tank and make sure it is ¼ full. If the vehicle isn’t operational, intimate the carrier about the same.
  • Unlock the handle and also disable any type of security alarms before you submit the vehicle for delivery.
  • Check the tires for air pressure before you drop it at the carrier’s.
  • Follow all the instructions provided by the carrier to ensure complete safety of the vehicle.

Hiring a motorcycle shipping company for moving your vehicle to long distances is the safest and most affordable way to move the vehicle. You must however ensure that you choose a credible moving company that specializes in Motorcycle shipping services.

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