March 25, 2024

Colombia faces the challenge in Amsterdam

In the international scene of women’s rugby, Colombia is preparing to face a challenge that could mark a before and after in its sporting history. This Saturday in Amsterdam, the Toucans will face the Netherlands, a team that is 13 places ahead of them in the Capgemini Women’s World Rugby Ranking. Despite being considered the underdogs, the Colombian team carries with it not only hope but also a clear strategy to face an opponent of stature.

Colombian Strategy and Determination

The Toucans, who finished bottom of the WXV 3 table in Dubai last October, face the Netherlands, the top-ranked women’s nation that did not compete in the inaugural edition of World Rugby’s annual global 15s competition. This clash is not just a game; it is Colombia’s chance to secure their place in WXV 3 2024 and prove that their place on the world stage of women’s rugby is well deserved.

Colombia’s Expectations

Analysis of the Netherlands’ progress at the European Women’s Rugby Championship has given Colombia a clear idea of the challenge that awaits them at the National Rugby Centre Stadium. However, under the guidance of their new coach, Luis Pedro Achard, the Toucans feel confident in their ability to pull off a victory. “We know their game structure,” Achard stated. “They have a very strong team, especially their forwards, and they are committed to playing tough rugby, mostly with nine players. This style has brought them results.”

Preparations and Climate Adaptation.

Colombia has been in Amsterdam since Sunday, after a fruitful stop in Madrid, where their preparations included a warm-up game against Complutense Cisneros, which they won 46-7. “Saturday’s game helped a lot; first for acclimatization to the weather,” Achard explained. “The second half was played under a hailstorm. The game helped us move the team around, rotate the girls, give them game action. It helped our goals.”

A Promising Future for Colombian Rugby.

Winning on Saturday will provide more opportunities for Colombia. Advancing to WXV will undoubtedly give them more quality competition – for that they have to win. Colombia had that competition and lost their place, and now they have to get it back. The team that lost to Fiji, Ireland and Kenya in Dubai last year has been reinforced with the return of Leidy Soto, as well as several new players and a new coach.

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This Saturday, as Colombia faces a crucial challenge in Amsterdam, the passion and competitive spirit of women’s rugby promises to be on full display. With strategy, preparation and the support of their community, the Tucanes are poised to make history.


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